Tracy McGrady Claps Back At Robert Horry With A Hall Of Fame Comment

Tracy McGrady is settling in nicely to a post-NBA career as a talking head for ESPN, but on Rachel Nichols’ new show The Jump recently, he was forced to endure one of the coldest burns we’ve heard on TV in a while from Robert Horry. After T-Mac jokingly asked for one of Horry’s seven championship rings, Big Shot Bob dismissively said, “Nah, you gotta earn one.” Savage.

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone pressed T-Mac to come back at Horry, and sure enough, a TMZ paparazzo was up to the task. McGrady first downplayed the comment as a joke, which, sure, but words hurt too. We saw his pained reaction, we know it wasn’t all in good fun. Finally, after a moment’s consideration, he clapped back: “Anybody can be a champion. Not everybody can be a Hall-of-Famer.”

It’s a good line, and we agree that McGrady will be in the Hall of Fame. And before you debate that anybody can be a champion, consider this: Adam Morrison has a ring. Horry made some crucial shots that saved some title runs, but if he ever made the Hall, he’d be easily the worst player to do so.

(Via TMZ)

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