Tracy Morgan Revealed How He’d Pitch The Knicks If Kevin Durant Asked

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Kevin Durant is busy trying to win a third championship in a row right now, but once the summer rolls around, the two-time NBA Finals MVP is going to have to make a major decision: Should he return to the Golden State Warriors, or is it time to become an unrestricted free agent and head elsewhere? If he does the latter, much of the smoke surrounding a departure from the Bay Area involves him ending up on the New York Knicks.

Time will tell if that ends up happening, because even though there have been KD-to-NYC rumblings for eons, Durant has the flexibility to do a number of things. Still, if noted Knicks fan Tracy Morgan has his way, we’ll see Durant rocking a Knicks uni at least 41 times a year at Madison Square Garden.

Morgan went on The Dan Patrick Show and laid out what he’d say if Durant wanted him to pitch coming to New York.

“This is Rome,” Morgan said. “Ok? This is Rome. You win a ring here, Wall Street is right down the block, Kevin. Win a ring here, you can sell all the Big Macs and Cadillacs you want after that. This the biggest market in the world. The Knicks could be in last place, we still make the most money in the NBA. This is New York City, baby. Rome. You in the center of the universe.”

Morgan also predicted that Durant and Kyrie Irving will end up in New York, and claims that he “already spoke to the government about the ball dropping” so Zion Williamson ends up a Knick. For most Knicks fans, this would sound like more of a hope than anything, but if Tracy Morgan says it’s happening, then I believe him.