Triple O.G.’s

07.09.10 8 years ago 82 Comments

Last night, NBA fans were given something we’ve never seen before. No, not just LeBron James‘ widely-criticized but highly-viewed “The Decision” TV special, but we saw an unprecedented collection of three superstar teammates form like the Justice League … Think about all the other “Big Three” combos: Bird, McHale and Parish were nowhere near as athletic as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Jordan, Pippen and Rodman were a different bunch, consisting of one explosive scorer, one Swiss Army Knife in the flesh, and one defensive/rebounding savant. And Pierce, Ray and KG were all at or near the end of their primes when they teamed up. With this new Miami Heat juggernaut, we have three explosive phenoms — maybe the most athletic players at their respective positions in the League — all in their 20’s, playing in an era where the game is tilted to benefit scorers. Since you can’t foul all three of them all game long, Wade/LeBron/Bosh are going to produce some incredible basketball and dominate the highlight reels. You could maybe liken it to Run-TMC, but these guys play defense, too … And as far as championships? They may not admit it out loud, but even the L.A. Lakers fans are worried right now. We still have to see who Pat Riley brings in to fill out the bench and the other two starting spots, but he’s got a monster of a foundation … LATE BREAKING NEWS: Michael Beasley has been traded to the Wolves for draft picks. Purely a money move for Miami could lock up their three superstars, and now Beasley has a lot of free time on his hands in Minneapolis. This should be fun … Did the constant speculation surrounding the big-time free agents (mostly LeBron) get tiresome and repetitive over this past week? Definitely. But no matter how many columns you read today bashing the process, don’t believe the hype. As a collective, the media LOVED this. At we had a record-breaking day for traffic to our site yesterday, far exceeding anything we’ve ever done during the NBA Finals, All-Star Weekend, the NBA Draft or any other free agency/trade period … So now what? Well, there’s about 180 free agents still looking for work, and 30 teams with roster spots to fill. But obviously all eyes will be on the Heat first. From a money standpoint it won’t be easy constructing a roster when LeBron, Bosh and Wade will take up a lot of cap room, but they’re going to have some ring-hungry vets more than willing to take a pay cut to join the squad. Hell, Robert Horry might come out of retirement and get in line … During the announcement special, we noticed LeBron was asked more about why he left Cleveland and not as much why he didn’t pick New York. That was kind of strange considering how much hype had been devoted to the Knicks and LeBron for the last few years, but with people literally burning LBJ jerseys in the streets of his home state, the Cleveland angle had more drama … And did you see what Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote immediately after the announcement? This is simply crazy. No idea why Gilbert is acting like some WWE character, but his Al Davis impersonation was a misstep. Gilbert just murdered any chance his franchise had of ever getting LeBron back someday, maybe after his Miami contract is out or at the tail-end of his career. And you know Gilbert had to have been working on this letter well before LeBron made up his mind. So if he had all this venom stored for LeBron under his tongue the whole time, how would things have played out if LeBron did re-sign with the Cavs? … Meanwhile, somebody was trying their damndest to make Gilbert Arenas the top story of the day. First we were hearing talk that Gilbert was going to play at NYC’s famous Rucker Park at the same time the rest of the world would be watching LeBron, then a rumor started that Gilbert had torn his ACL on Thursday while working out in Chicago. Neither story turned out to be true … Bold prediction: In a few months, pretty much every NBA preview magazine on the newsstand will have LeBron, Wade and Bosh on the cover with corny headlines like “Feel the HEAT!” and “Fire Starters” and “Miami Nice.” Just don’t be surprised … Oh-by-the-way, Jermaine O’Neal is going to the Celtics, Ryan Gomes is headed to the Clippers, David Lee is probably on his way to Golden State in a sign-and-trade, Brendan Haywood is re-signing with Dallas, and the Nets are bringing in Travis Outlaw … Stat lines from the Orlando summer league: Kyle Weaver put up 21 points and 9 assists and Mustafa Shakur dropped 21 points in OKC’s win over the Magic; Paul George had 17 points and 3 steals and won the game with an and-one layup in the final seconds to lead Indiana past Boston; Terrence Williams scored 23 but his Nets lost to Utah; and Gerald Henderson scored 11, including a game-winning tip-in at the buzzer as Charlotte beat Philly … Enjoy the wins when they happen, Bobcats. They’re gonna be hard as s*** to come by in the Southeastern Conference now … We’re out like parity …

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