Tristan Thompson Had An All-Time Reaction To LeBron Comparing Himself To Michael Jordan

LeBron James broke Michael Jordan’s all-time playoff scoring record and helped the Cleveland Cavaliers reach their third straight NBA Finals on Thursday night, but it was Tristan Thompson who stole the show in postgame.

Thompson joined James on the press conference stage after Game 5 in Boston and had some great reactions to a joke LeBron made when comparing himself to Jordan.

LeBron was asked about MJ and said how many of the things he did early in his basketball-playing life were modeled after Jordan.

“I did pretty much everything MJ did as a kid. I shot fadeaways before I should have. I wore a leg sleeve on my leg and folded it down so you could see the red part. I wore black and red shoes with white socks. I wore short shorts so you could see my undershorts underneath.”

Then James paused and made a joke that got Thompson going. This had multiple phases as LeBron continued to speak, so let’s do a shot by shot breakdown of Thompson’s look here.

“I didn’t go bald like Mike but I’m getting there…”

“… but I’m getting there…”

“{awkward laughs}”

“…but it’ll be post-career though…”

“…that’s the only thing I didn’t do. But other than that, I even wore a wristband on my forearm.

“I didn’t do the hoop earring, either. That was Mike.”

Sure LeBron. Whatever you say, man.