Ty Lawson Isn’t Happy Overseas, Tweets His Frustration

It’s both predictable and weirdly unexplainable. How come NBA players can’t play overseas? We assume they’re the best players on the court, have the most talent, but they always end up sinking into the background. Look at Deron Williams. He has one big game – 24 points and 10 dimes – and we’re all nodding as if that proves something. Shouldn’t he be doing that every game? That’s what we’ve come to expect from players that talented. But if this lockout has proven anything about NBA player-overseas league relations, it’s that the transition is hard. For Ty Lawson, it’s been extra tough.

On the court, Lawson is averaging nine points, 2.3 assists and just under 20 minutes a game for Zalgiris Kaunas. But he’s clearly a little frustrated right now. Just check out his Twitter timeline.

Some of the highlight tweets coming from Lawson:

7 hours ago: I coulda sat home and played NBA 2k12 and got the same thing accomplished that we did in practice smh

6 hours ago: A lot of wack things happening

4 hours ago: @pranas_balsys I would slap the shyt outta u if I seen u in person… I play hard every game

3 hours ago: These idiots..for example @SwagginGedy don’t kno anything about basketball

2 hours ago: this ridiculous… didnt kno racism still existed… might have to pack my bags

2 hours ago: everybody thinks i have a problem with the new coach and i dont…were 2-0 since he started coaching…i care about winning not about stats