Ty Lue Announces He’ll Make A Change To The Cavs’ Lineup Amid Their January Slump

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Just about everything that could go wrong for the Cavaliers in the month of January has gone wrong. Whether it’s been the team’s run of poor form — it is 3-7 since the calendar turned to 2018 — or the fact that there are tensions in the locker room, it’s been a rough time in Cleveland.

Amid all these struggles, something has to change. It might be as simple as flipping a switch, but more likely, it involves making a more drastic move, as evidenced by the fact that the Cavaliers seem to be doing their due diligence when it comes to examining trades.

One move that has not been made is a switch to the team’s lineup. Ty Lue has been asked in the past and said he has no intention of changing the team’s rotation, but after the Cavaliers lost to the Kawhi Leonard-less San Antonio Spurs by 12 on Tuesday night, Lue changed his tune, announcing that he will mix up his lineup.

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