Tyler Johnson Took No Mercy On Lou Williams With This Vicious Poster Jam

It has been a rough season for the Miami Heat. The franchise entered Friday night’s contest against the Los Angeles Lakers with an 11-26 record, and much of the 2016-2017 campaign has been plagued by injuries for the Heat. However, combo guard Tyler Johnson has been one of the few bright spots for Miami, and on Friday, he put on a show with a powerful dunk against the Los Angeles Lakers.

At this stage, the 24-year-old guard is probably best remembered for inking a surprising $50 million contract that forced Johnson himself to throw up at the sound of the total deal value. Still, Johnson has already morphed into a very useful player for the Heat, and Lakers guard Lou Williams was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time to bear the brunt of a resounding jam here.

Johnson, who stands 6’4 with legitimate point guard skills, has flashed this type of athleticism and burst before, but that did not stop Williams from inexplicably challenging him at the rim on this occasion. Next time, it would probably be a safer bet for someone in Williams’ position as a diminutive guard to simply get out of the way of a freight train, and Johnson’s reputation as a dunker will certainly be buoyed by this performance.