Maybe Tyler Johnson Wasn’t Joking About Getting Sick When He Was Offered $50 Million

tyler johnson
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Tyler Johnson has had a pretty good summer. A combination between him having a breakout season last year and the cap exploding to $94 million led to the lefty guard being offered a $50 million contract from the Brooklyn Nets. For some, Johnson’s price tag was insane. Yes, he is a young player capable of making big strides, but he averaged less than 9 points per game in under 25 minutes for the Heat last season, and $50 million is a lot of dough.

Still, you can’t blame Johnson for cashing in when he has the chance. As it turns out, though, even he was surprised at the amount he was being offered. So surprised, in fact, that he actually got physically sick upon seeing it.

The Heat losing Dwyane Wade allowed them to have the cap room available to match on the former Fresno State star’s offer sheet, so he is staying put in Miami and should have some more playing time available for him with the departures of Wade, Luol Deng, and Joe Johnson. While he would have been a fixture for the rebuilding Nets, staying in Miami allows him to play on a team that could still make a playoff push next season while also still getting more opportunities to see the floor and develop his game.