Kyrie Irving Once Told Tyronn Lue Getting Other Cavs Teammates Shots Was LeBron James’ Job

01.03.18 4 months ago 9 Comments

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Kyrie Irving plays his second game against his former team on Wednesday night, and though his decision to force a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers is well in the past, discussion about it is far from over.

The seismic shift in the NBA landscape brought with it a lot of questions, namely why Irving would want to leave LeBron James to play elsewhere. Irving has addressed the idea that he didn’t feel wanted in Cleveland, something that LeBron says is absurd.

It’s clear that there was some tension within the Cavaliers organization, though that seems to be expected given the hyper-competitive world of basketball and the stakes that come with each season ending in the NBA Finals. But one interesting story a Jackie MacMillan piece published on Wednesday for ESPN included a situation where Irving refused to change his game to benefit others.

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