Tyronn Lue Takes Photo With Fan Wearing Iverson Step Over Shirt (Video)

For a certain age of basketball fan, Allen Iverson is a larger-than-life character. We can remember watching him when we were a senior in high school during his lone 2001 MVP season, and how much we wanted his sad-sack Sixers team to upend Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals. Game 1 of that series was his apex, with Iverson dropping 48 points (on 41 shots) during a miraculous win over the heavily favored Lakers. The most iconic image in the series came when AI burned Tyronn Lue on a step-back baseline jumper in that game, then stepped over him on his way back down the court. The imagery adorns t-shirts these days, and one brazen 76ers fan decided to get a picture snapped with Lue — now an associate head coach with the Cavs — while wearing the shirt during Monday’s game.

Here’s the play and ensuing stepover we’re talking about, in case you weren’t heavily into basketball at the turn of the millennium (we don’t blame you, only us and around four other people were — and they all lived in Los Angeles):

Here’s the image on the shirt of the fan, Rob Mastro:

And here’s his interaction with Lue, who definitely notices the shirt, but takes the whole thing in stride and even smiles for the camera.

While the moment in 2001 is probably etched in Lue’s mind for very different reasons than it is for the Sixers fan he took the picture with, Lue is the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA today, so we’d be smiling too.

(via CSN Philly; video via RoidRage29)

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