Sam Mitchell’s Hilarious Advice On Stopping Russell Westbrook Wasn’t Helpful To Rookie Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Garnett
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We have no idea what it was like for Tyus Jones to wear an NBA uniform for the first time on Wednesday night. But we do know what it’s like to annoy Russell Westbrook. They aren’t mutually exclusive, either, much to the detriment of Jones — who matched up against Russ in last night’s preseason game between the Timberwolves and Thunder.

Jones’ final stat line is something he’d probably like to forget. He played 23:54 minutes, shot 0-for-5 from the field (0-of-2 from deep), didn’t get to the stripe, had just one rebound, four assists, one steal, two turnovers and two personal fouls. The ‘Wolves were also minus 28 when he was on the court on their way to a 122-99 loss.

It was bad. Russ was running all over the place like he was actually in NBA Live 16 and finished with 14 points (5/10), 13 dimes and eight rebounds in over 22 minutes of action. He was a halcyon force that must have scared the bejesus out of Jones.

I’m supposed to stop a KD — Russ give-and-go? What?!

So, Russ showed the new rookie what he has to look forward to as a point guard in the Western Conference.

Wait until Jones sees Chris Paul, Stephen Curry and Tony Parker dribbling towards him.

But, that’s okay. Facing off against superstars is part of the maturation process for NBA rookies. And Coach Sam Mitchell is all about developing the young talent the Timberwolves have put together in the tundra. He’s even starting Zach LaVine over Kevin Martin at shooting guard to give the young dunker more experience and expedite his development.

So, what advice did Mitchell offer Jones before he went against video game Russ?

Oh. That’s, um, not helpful at all.

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