The Utah Jazz Unveiled Their Awesome New Uniforms (Well, Except For One Of Them)

On Wednesday, images leaked of the Utah Jazz’s new logos. The primary and secondary visuals aimed to blend the past and present, but specifically the goal was to go mountain-less when it came to the logos.

Now, we have visuals on what the Jazz will be wearing for the 2016-17 season, which you can see above. Overall, the unis and logos are clean, fresh and classic-looking. Well, except for one…

Parsing through uniforms and color schemes is nothing more than a fun way to pass the time. We’re talking about clothing here, not anything of actual substance or importance. But, goodness, the Jazz got it right on three combinations. The home and road jerseys are simple and well done. The road alternate is spectacular.

The “Pride” jersey is, well, something a soccer player would wear.

Seriously, that’s a football kit, and there’s no debate about it. Never mind it’s a sleeved jersey, which, if you’ve followed us at Dime at all, you know we’re strictly against. Horizontal stripes and basketball unis are rarely, if ever, a good combination, and that alternate does it twice.

Other than that, kudos to the Jazz on one of the sharper-looking threads for next season.

Additionally, here are numerous logos the Jazz unveiled, courtesy of NBA.com:

Overall, very nice, Utah. Maybe there’s a Premier League title in your future, too.

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