V. Stiviano Inexplicably Wishes Donald Sterling A Happy 81st Birthday

04.27.15 3 years ago 6 Comments


What do you do for a BFF on not only their birthday, but also the one year anniversary of your leaked conversations that got him banned from the NBA?

If you’re V. Stiviano and your BFF is Donald Sterling, you write an emotional letter expressing your love for your “partner in crime” and “mentor.”

This is despite a recent ruling in favor of Sterling’s wife Shelly ordering V. Stiviano to pay back $2.6 million in gifts and property she received from the former Clippers owner over the years.

So to recap, Donald Sterling lost his team and was banished for life from the NBA. (Although $2 billion is a hell of parting gift.) And V. Stiviano is universally ridiculed and has to give back all the gifts, money and property she received from the billionaire.

And yet these two are still a thing. How? Well let’s let V. Stiviano explain it.

“Our friendship is made of gold and it will stay solid for ever.”

Let this be a lesson to us of all out there. Never let national embarrassment, loss of your NBA team and millions of dollars in gifts get between you and your BFF.

[Instagram; H/T FTW]

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