Vanessa Carlton Responded To Carmelo Anthony Hating On The Team USA Singalong

If you missed it over the weekend, Team USA went viral after they broke out into some karaoke on a recent plane ride, belting out the 2001 Vanessa Carlton ballad “A Thousand Miles” among other jams. Thankfully, DeMar DeRozan and Draymond Green had enough sense to document it on their social media pages because it is glorious.

While most of Team USA appeared to be pretty into it, or at least amused by the whole thing, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving especially were on top of their karaoke game, there was one member of Team USA who could not be bothered to even crack a smile during the performance: Carmelo Anthony.

Melo is the elder statesman of the team at 32, and he had no time for these youths screaming contemporary pop tunes from 15 years ago while he’s trying to get some shut-eye. Now, Carlton herself has responded to the video on her Twitter account, and despite the fact that “A Thousand Miles” is by far her most famous song, she feels where Anthony is coming from.

Carlton is probably just as sick of that song as Melo is, considering she’s probably performed it 100,000 times over the years. Now all we need is for her to do it one last time with Butler, and Terry Crews at next year’s All-Star game.