Check Out The Trailer For The New Documentary On The Nike Air Jordan Phenomenon

Now that The Last Dance has come to an end, many of us have been left jonesing for whatever Michael Jordan content we can get our hands on. The final two episodes added a little extra to what has already been a wellspring of material, prompting Horace Grant to lash out at his former Bulls teammate for what he saw as an unfair depiction in the documentary.

Questions of objectivity are certainly warranted for a film that was produced in part by its primary subject, and it didn’t help that an episode midway through the series acted as little more than a thinly-veiled promotional piece for Nike and their massively popular Jordan Brand line, sales of which skyrocketed as a result.

But if you’re looking for something that takes a deeper — and presumably more impartial — look at the Air Jordan phenomenon, then the upcoming documentary VICE VERSA: One Man and His Shoes, premiering Monday, May 25 on VICE TV might be for you.

Here’s more from their official press release:

Produced by Break Em Films, the two hour-long special takes a deep dive into the social, cultural, and racial significance of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker. The film explores the innovative marketing that built a multi-billion-dollar business and the dark side of greed and conflict around the shoe. Using a mix of archival footage and graphic animation, the documentary returns viewers to the nostalgic 80’s and 90’s hip hop scene to capture America’s dark love affair with consumer capitalism and celebrity culture.

Directed by Yemi Bamiro, it marks the third in the VICE VERSA series and will feature interviews with former Commissioner David Stern, Jordan’s longtime agent David Falk, the original designer of the sneaker Peter Moore, and many others. It will also feature interviews with reporters who covered the tragic killings that occurred during robberies related to Air Jordan shoes.