Victor Oladipo Broke Out A Black Panther-Inspired Dunk With Help From Chadwick Boseman


Victor Oladipo pulled out all the stops at the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday Night with a little help from Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman.

During his first attempt, Oladipo struggled. He needed all of his attempts to try throwing down a no-look attempt, but he couldn’t get that to fall.

Needing a big score to make it to the finals, he broke out the star of the movie of the moment, donning a Black Panther mask given to him by Boseman. The two shared a moment on the sideline, then Oladipo put on the mask and got down to business.

He initially missed the first dunk attempt, but the second one went down. It was a nice hesitation move on the dunk, essentially switching from a tomahawk to a windmill in midair.

It was an awesome moment, and the crowd really seemed to love it. Look at the reaction from Russell Westbrook.


The reverse angle offers up an even better look at what all Oladipo did at the rim.

It’s not easy to dunk wearing a mask, but it looks cool as hell. Oladipo, unfortunately, didn’t do enough to get into the final. But it was a nice tie-in on a weekend where it feels like Wakanda is all anyone is talking about.