Victor Oladipo Got Revenge On A Camper Who Dunked On Him With This Vicious Windmill

We’ve been seeing a few videos recently of NBA players dunking on kids at their basketball camps. However, what if one of your campers is a rising senior with some real potential? Then, things can get interesting, even if you are new Oklahoma City Thunder guard Victor Oladipo. Oladipo actually got in a dunk off with Justyn Mutts, who is 6’7 and a legitimate division one talent. In the end, though, Oladipo got the final word.

The action took place at Oladipo’s VO5 Skills Academy. Mutts went first, getting a little bit of a steam up and then dunking on Oladipo, who couldn’t quite prevent the dunk from happening. The crowd goes nuts, and rightfully so. After all, a high schooler just dunked on an NBA player, and a former second overall pick. It’s very exciting stuff.

Oladipo, though, would have his revenge. He didn’t just go up and dunk on Mutts. He pulled off a windmill dunk on Mutts, and we do mean he dunked on Mutts. He posterized him. They both ended up hitting the ground, but Oladipo clearly got the better of the interaction. The message is clear: You don’t show up Oladipo at his own basketball camp.

The dude was in a dunk contest. He’s not messing around.