Video: A Miami Fan Puts On LeBron’s Sweaty Headband

06.18.12 6 years ago

Miami Heat Fan

Your favorite player is walking toward you after a huge win and hears your cry for some swag. He reaches out and hands you his headband — the one he just sweat into for nearly 44 minutes on the court, plus warmups. In real time, he’s probably been sweating in it for three hours. But what’s a liter of sweat to a super fan? Nothing, apparently, if you’re this Miami fan after Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night. She put the headband LeBron James gave her on immediately.

She can claim she’s a victim of Heat-stroke and temporary joy overload from the 2-1 lead Miami now has in the Finals, but I’m not buying it. It’s one thing to get the swag from a player at the tunnel — I’ve seen countless wrist bands and gloves given away, even a du-rag once. Never though, did I see someone put the sweat-soaked thing on.

And all along, I thought the jokes about LeBron’s Game 3 headband would stop at its width. Miami fans prove us all wrong once again.

Via SI’s Hot Clicks.

Would you have done that?

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