Video: Anderson Varejao Strips Joakim, Fakes Behind-The-Back Pass & Slams It

01.23.14 5 years ago

Confession time: we freakin’ love Anderson Varejao. The hair, the motor, the lithe, 6-10 Brazilian frame that bounces up and down and loves hitting the glass. His whole persona brings us joy. A friend of a friend used to run with him in Cleveland back when LeBron had just arrived in the league and Andy was riding the bench as the 12th man. She said Varejao was a ton of fun and very kind. Our affinity for him aside, Andy mutilated the Bulls on one sequence last night during Chicago’s reunion with Luol Deng in Cleveland. Varejao’s been healthy all year, and it’s nice to see him make plays like this still.

While Varejao isn’t averaging 14 points and 14 rebounds a game like he was last year as a borderline All-Star — before getting injured and a scary blood clot kept him out the remainder of the year, he is averaging over 10 rebounds per game and almost nine points. Those numbers aren’t to shabby in a little over 30 minutes a night.

Watch him strip Joakim Noah here (and Noah does have a right to complain since Andy cupped Joakim’s waist with his other hand when he stripped him), dribble down to the other end and throw a Rajon Rondo-esque fake pass before slamming it home. Andy showed off a lot of versatility with this play, and we hope he continues to stay healthy for the second half of the season.

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