Video: Andre Iguodala With Team USA’s Biggest Olympic Blooper

08.07.12 7 years ago

It might be hard to recall, but before Team USA wiped Argentina off the court in the second half, there was a ballgame going on. At this point, when Andre Iguodala missed a dunk because it hit off his shoulder and bounced back through, and then Argentina countered with a triple on the other end for a five-point swing, I was nervous. It didn’t feel like the Americans’ night. Of course, we all know what happened from there, and while Chris Paul probably initially started the run, the energy first came from Iggy. I spent most of this morning looking for his amazing play where he ripped an offensive player, threw a pass between a defender’s legs and then caught a putback slam all on the same possession. Alas, we’ll have to go with this one instead, the team’s biggest blooper of the Olympics. Sorry, Andre.

Should this dunk have counted?

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