Video: Andrew Wiggins’ Body Double Wears Cavs Jersey In adidas “Swingman” Ad

It was easy for outsiders to be perturbed by the basketball limbo that Andrew Wiggins’ was forced to endure this summer, so we can only imagine what the 19 year-old was feeling. Being the subject of incessant trade rumors isn’t exactly how most number one picks dream of beginning their NBA lives. A few months later and coming off the best performance of his career, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ star deserves credit for being able to poke fun at that uncomfortable past in an amusing new commercial for adidas’ NBA Swingman jersey.

As Dwight Howard and his model showed last week, adidas uses body doubles – or “swingmen” – to capture shots of NBA stars in commercials for its new replica jersey. Wiggins’ swingman is clearly excited about his first time on the job; the problem is that he didn’t do enough research on the rookie’s hectic summer before showing up for production.


And like we said, it speaks volumes of Wiggins’ humility that he okayed the spot’s premise. Frankly, we wouldn’t want to revisit or remind fans of the circuitous path to the first months of our NBA career. But Wiggins showed maturity beyond his teenage years throughout the process, and continues to do so when the Cleveland Cavaliers are firmly in his rearview mirror. Impressive.

Swingman jerseys aren’t typical replicas, by the way – these things are high-end:

The new adidas NBA Swingman Jerseys are designed with a premium mesh material and new name and number application that more closely replicate the authentic jerseys worn on-court by NBA players in both look and performance. The new jerseys feature a slimmer cut which offers a more tailored, stylish fit.

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