Video: “Awkward Dad Dance Cam” Demoralizes Young Spurs Fans

It’s the job of parents to sometimes do things that will embarrass their kids. Not intentionally, mind you, but in order to keep them safe and to remind them there’s a world outside their limited scope, which is often confined to the cool table at the cafeteria. But the “Awkward Dad Dance Cam” the San Antonio Spurs instituted at AT&T Center on Saturday night is downright mean to young Spurs fans.

Per with a tip of the hat to BroBible, comes news that during Saturday’s game between the Spurs and Timberwolves, they broke out the “Awkward Dad Dance Cam.” No child was safe, as these three kids learned:

Being a kid is hard enough, so this is just cruel.

Our Old Man is 6-6 with a beard down to his bellybutton and hearing aids that dominate his bald dome. But he wouldn’t NEVER stand up for the “Awkward Dad Dance Cam.” These San Antonio kids weren’t so lucky.

(; H/T BroBible)

Would your pops embarrass you by dancing?

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