Video: Bears QB Jay Cutler Dunking In High School

Quarterback Jay Cutler is the petulant head of the Chicago Bears football team. Before he was the star in Chicago — knocking up reality TV stars, and before he starred as the QB at Vanderbilt, Cutler was lighting up opponents on the basketball court for his Heritage Hills high school basketball team.

Cutler’s actually pretty good on a basketball court, though we’re loathe to admit it since he seems like the type of guy that gave wedgies to all the “nerds” in high school; Cutler’s almost as smarmy as Chargers QB Philip Rivers. But the boy from Indiana could ball for his Lincoln City basketball team. He averaged over 20 PPG in his junior and senior seasons, the latter of which garnered him an All-State selection.

In the video below, the first 4:30 is devoted to his highlights as a QB and safety for his football team. Then his name explodes like a low production recruiting video, and the rest of the clips feature Cutler performing a series of two-handed dunks on breakaways.

Hopefully, none of Da Bears fans had a heart attack while watching.

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