Video: Bill Walton Enjoys UCLA Dancers, Quotes Neil Young Lyrics & More

There aren’t many commentators quite as loquacious as former UCLA Bruin and championship-winning Portland Trail Blazer, Bill Walton. The Hall of Fame NBA center — who overcame a stutter to become a broadcaster when his playing career was done — called Thursday night’s Stanford-UCLA game and had a string of incredible pronouncements including quoting Neil Young in the pre-game, forgetting his broadcasting partner’s name and proclaiming Shane Battier a future President of the United States.

Here’s Walton rhapsodizing before the game. As BroBible notes, he also declared that last night’s college basketball contest “will determine the fate of the world.” Plus, he uses Neil Young lyrics:

How can you not love how passionate Walton is for the game!

Walton, an avowed Dead Head has every right to use Neil Young’s prosaic wording before a basketball game. It’s also totally cool if he ogles the UCLA dance team as one other reason to attend his alma mater — though we doubt his former coach John Wooden (RIP) would find it appropriate during a national broadcast:


That wasn’t all, though. Walton also said well-spoken former Duke and NBA player Shane Battier was a future President of the United States.


Walton even forgot his broadcasting partner’s name!

If you find college basketball boring (we’ll admit we don’t watch it nearly enough), Walton’s ability to interject all manner of outside notions into the proceedings makes it a lot more lively.

(via BroBible)

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