Video: Blake Griffin Pulls Trainer’s Head Towards His Groin On National TV

01.23.15 4 years ago 17 Comments

Late in LA’s blowout of the Nets last night, a Clippers athletic trainer was applying ice pads to Blake Griffin‘s knee. Griffin, in his infinite wisdom, decided to wrench the guy’s head towards his crotch, miming oral sex like a vengeful eighth grader. It was childish and totally disrespectful, and we can’t believe he thought it would be funny.


This is never amusing, and we haven’t seen anything similar outside of a middle school or a particularly immature high school. It’s embarrassing for the medical staffer in question, but also for Blake.

This was a TNT game, so a national audience was witness to Blake’s stupid prank. The Clippers trainer who was put through this idiocy deserves an apology.

Blake Griffin is 25 years old and currently stars in quite a few commercials for national brands. His display last night on the sidelines is not a good look for a national spokesman.

We also hope Doc Rivers saw what happened and cuffed Blake across the back of his head for being such an ignoramus before levying a fine.

Should the Clippers fine Blake?

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