Caron Butler Takes Viewers Back To The Drug-Dealing Days Of His Youth

Many of the finest players in the NBA grew up in some of the most improverished neighbhorhoods in America. The “streets” really were a “short stop” but they had a “wicked jump shot,” as BIGGIE intoned on “Things Done Changed.” While the money that comes with basketball brilliance got most of them and their families out of the dangerous areas where they grew up, Caron Butler almost didn’t make it.

Watch as the new Pistons small forward takes Vice around his Racine, Wisconsin neighborhood where he used to deal drugs until one day the law caught up with him and he vowed to change.

Things done changed for Caron since then, as he looks back at his two weeks in solitary as a teenager and his pledge to right his life’s trajectory and avoid a continuing descent into dealing, and with it, more time behind bars:

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