Video: Chris Paul Lobs For Blake Griffin; Mitch Kupchak Smells A Fart

03.07.14 5 years ago

We could go on about how the Lakers have experienced a ton of injuries and they’re just treading water until this summer when, well, who knows what happens. But while the Lakers were the home team during Thursday night’s Clippers-Lakers game at the Staples Center arena they both share, it was the purple and gold who appeared ill at ease during a 142-94 stomping at the hands of the Clippers. One play in particular crystalized the awful night for Lakers fans and the joyous occasion for Clippers’ fans.

While already up huge in the second half, Chris Paul got the ball on the break with Blake Griffin filling the passing lane on his left and DeAndre Jordan on his right. Only Wesley Johnson was back for the Lakers, and he was powerless to stop the oncoming highlight.

CP3 chose to lob to Blake, and this is what happened:

The Clips fans certainly like it (an opportunity to rub the night in the face of Lakers fans), and Blake did that thing where he plays with his mouthguard and stares into the crowd like he just rolled up to a malt shop on his motorcycle in 1958.*

But perhaps the greatest camera shot after Blake’s rim-rattler was of Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak. He looks part Bond villain, part sad sack, and all sorts of entertaining…that is…if you’re not a Lakers fan.


*We’re hoping some ad executive with really good taste in basketball blogging sees this and uses it for their next Blake ad.

(video via cjzerovids)

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