Video: David West Punches Out Cleveland’s Mascot

04.13.12 7 years ago

Moondog wasn’t feeling too hot after dealing with Indiana’s David West. Of all the guys in the league who I might mess around with, David West is right there with World Peace amongst the people I’d avoid. He just seems like the dude who would go up to a mascot and start throwing Tyson haymakers and body shots. Poor Moondog learned the hard way. Hat tip to Trey Kerby of TBJ for alerting us to this grainy shot of West hitting the Cavs’ mascot with a one-two combo, followed by the body shot.

For his part, all jokes aside, West feels really bad about it.

FOXSports Ohio writes:

“He jumped at me, and I thought we were playing around. Next thing I know he went down,” West said. “It was definitely an accident.”

Moondog should return for the Cavs’ next home game, Sunday vs. the Orlando Magic. The Cavs lost Wednesday 104-96 in overtime.

West took a little ribbing from his Pacers teammates but seemed to take the matter seriously.

“I felt terrible about that. I really do,” West said. “We were just having fun before the game, just messing around. I really hope he’s OK. Make sure he knows I’m sorry.”

Moondog was reportedly seen after the game with a towel covering his eye, and from the video you can tell the dude took a hard cross right in the face. Let’s hope he’s not a bleeder.

If you had the chance to beat up one mascot, who would it be?

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