Video: Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Meet Brooklyn Royalty, Jay-Z & Beyonce

Midway through the third quarter — cue tired jokes about LA on Twitter — Prince William and Kate Middleton took their court-side seats, flanked by Dikembe Mutombo. Later on in the Cavs-Nets game, Brooklyn’s own monarchy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, stopped by to chat with the royals. It was a star-studded affair, and that’s without accounting for the players.

Our favorite part of British royalty stopping by the Barclays Center came when Kyrie Irving drew a foul on a three-point attempt from the corner near where the Duke and Duchess sitting. It seemed like Dikembe was trying to explain the “rip rule” to Prince William. Irving was fouled on the shot and not the lateral pull across the body, so it wasn’t even an example of the rip-through. Still, the idea of Dikembe’s heavily accent baritone juxtaposed with an upperclass Englishmen made us laugh.

Also Kate and Williams’ reaction upon realizing they were on the big-screen was so…British.

After consuming some concession food — royalty, they’re just like us, except definitely not — the Duke and Duchess met Jay and Bae, and everyone was wondering what they could possibly be talking about.

Probably discussing diaper brands since both sets of royals are parents.

If you’re wondering why Jay was so cool in the presence of Prince William (absolutely no one was wondering this, but it’s a useful preface for the joke), it’s because he had met with a King earlier in the game:

What were the Duke and Duchess talking to Jay-Z and Beyonce about?

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