Video: Dwight Howard Adds Post Moves To His Recovery

09.27.12 6 years ago

If the Lakers are going to dole out glimpses of Dwight Howard‘s training piecemeal like it has the last two days, with short clips, it only means speculation will grow still without much context to place those videos in. After yesterday’s 27-second clip of low-post moves, today’s video is just more than a minute of him shooting baby hooks, on a treadmill, stationary shooting and — gingerly — facing up and attacking the basket.

In between these clips’ release is naturally the time to talk about what we’ve just watched. Problem is, I’m still not sure this tells us much. He looks good and moves well under the circumstances, but he doesn’t have the speed to jump into a Lakers scrimmage right now by these videos, let alone a game. Another reason to be excited for Lakers? Definitely. But let’s still temper expectations he’ll be starting at center against Dallas on Oct. 30.

Does this give any more reason to believe he’ll return soon?

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