Video: Dwyane Wade’s Special Edition All-Star Li-Ning Way Of Wade 2 Release

On the court, Dwyane Wade didn’t make a huge impact in the NBA All-Star Game, playing just 12 minutes. (He was saving himself for last night against the Thunder… and it worked!) But he had a big weekend nonetheless. Since joining Li-Ning and starting the Way of Wade line, we’ve looked forward to seeing what Flash would be rocking on his feet during the midseason classic. For the second straight year, he didn’t disappoint.

In the days leading up to the Sunday night game, Wade Instagram’d a photo of the shoe pack he’d dubbed “The Change.” Sporting wild purple colors and “Stingwade” print, they ended up releasing in limited quantities at Sneaker Con in New Orleans. Wade wore a different colorway in the actual game–see below for a look–but that didn’t seem to matter to fans, who ate up the original colors and high-end materials found on the shoes.

Dime wasn’t present for the release–Mother Nature damn near cancelled the whole weekend for a lot of East Coast media. However, from the looks of this video, it was pretty crazy.

What do you think of Wade’s Li-Ning line?

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