Video: Every Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway From 2013-14

Mavericks 35-year-old forward Dirk Nowitzki will be inducted into Springfield soon, but he’s not quite done with his Hall-of-Fame career. The 2013-14 season saw him rebound from an injury-plagued 2012-13 campaign, with his true shooting percentage and player efficiency rating bouncing back to within the the top 10 of the NBA.

Since Dirk got back to form this year, it’s meant a heaping helping of his patented one-foot step-back jumpers — usually from the high post. At seven feet, Dirk’s go-to move is basically impossible to block, and when he’s dialed in there aren’t many players in the history of the NBA more unstoppable — just ask the 2011 Heat; Dirk’s Dallas squad became the only team to defeat the Miami triumvirate of stars in a seven-game series.

Here are all of Dirk’s 145 fadeaway’s last season, including the game-winner over ‘Melo. Even as a free agent this summer, Houston is trying to snag him, Dirk has a lot more left than many believed after his subpar 2012-13 run.

(video via YouTube username DownToBuck)

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