Video: Everyone On Team USA Gets A Hug From Michelle Obama After Beating France

07.30.12 6 years ago

The U.S. took care of its first-round Olympics game against France fairly easily Sunday, winning 98-71 after dominating the second and third quarters. So often it’s everyone else marveling about Team USA, and in fact between a 40-foot bounce pass from LeBron to alley-oops to nearly everyone, there was reason to be so in the first really game the U.S controlled since beating up on the Dominican Republic in Vegas. After the game though, it was Team USA itself geeking out.

First lady Michelle Obama gave out free hugs to all the U.S. players from her first-row seat, and even the coaches lined up afterward. While there’s no hiding a 38-year age gap and the fact one is royalty and one isn’t, it was especially heartending to see Obama being so, oh, approachable after England’s Queen Elizabeth acted like she couldn’t have cared less during the Opening Ceremonies. That and, in a role reversal, cool to see Team USA acting like fans.

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