Video: First Look At The Return Of “The Association”

10.04.12 7 years ago

The storylines around the NBA are (thankfully, after a long summer) too numerous to count this time of year as training camps are under way, but the Nets’ debut in Brooklyn is one of the most intriguing by any analysis. NBA TV, starting Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. Eastern, presents a deeper look at the re-engineered team with the fourth season of “The Association,” the NBA’s version of a “Hard Knocks” or “The Show” for the NFL and MLB, respectively. Yesterday the trailer dropped, showing a first peek at one of the central themes: Brooklyn itself.

Deron Williams‘ status as arguably the league’s best point guard obviously sparks interest in focusing the show on the Nets, but the return of pro sports to what could be the nation’s fourth-biggest city (if it weren’t a borough) will play a big role, at least early. Soon enough the Brooklyn storyline will get tired, but it’s an angle that, even for a little bit, no other NBA city can match. The trailer takes pains to let you know where you are at the entire time. Same too, with the intra-city snipping between the Knicks and Nets, a show of public disdain that not even the co-tenant Clippers and Lakers can match.

If you don’t know what “The Association” is about, here’s a clip from last year’s season with Denver (full episodes can be found here) on the busy schedule during a lockout-shortened season.

Will you watch?

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