Video: Joakim Noah’s “F—K You” To Every Ref After Getting Ejected

It’s not often you see someone as accomplished as Joakim Noah go crazy on the court. But after Noah picked up a second technical foul arguing a loose ball foul in Sacramento Monday night, he was ejected with seven minutes left in the third quarter. The moment he got the second technical, Noah flew off the handle and took the time to curse each referee out before retiring to the locker-room. This could be the first substantial fine of Adam Silver‘s new tenure as commissioner.

Just look at this reaction from Noah almost the moment he’s whistled for his second technical:

Amazing. Without their All-Star, the Bulls got blown out by the Kings, 99-70, and Noah looks to be facing a hefty dock in pay following the outburst.

Yes, his on-court tantrum is eerily reminiscent of the oft-quoted firing scene in Half Baked. In fact, @TCBullfrog synched the movie and Noah’s ejection up pretty nicely (caution: NSFW):


Or Noah’s ejection might remind you of a Larry Sanders ejection from last year but with the f-bombs replaced by an exaggerated thumbs-up. Cheaper than the cursing, we’d guess.

(video via beyondthebuzzercom; Sanders GIF via Deadspin)

How much does Silver/the NBA fine Noah tomorrow?

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