Jordan Brand Unveils West Coast “Jordan Hanger”

11.10.14 5 years ago

If you’re unfamiliar, Jordan Brand has a venue, the acclaimed Terminal 23, on W. 32nd street in New York, less than a block west of Herald Square. On Thursday last week, they unveiled their west coast environ, the Jordan Hanger, in a West Los Angeles plane hanger. Come check out the newest court on the opposite coast.

At 80,000 square feet, the Jordan Hanger space was once owned by the mercurial Howard Hughes and is rumored to be the spot where Hughes designed and built the Spruce Goose during WWWII — an all wood plane that is the largest ever constructed. Now it’s the home of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the JB team.

The Jordan Hanger includes a full-size, regulation court, with a silver base and a Jordan fractal pattern going up and down the floorboards. JB’s @jumpman23 Twitter handle is displayed on the baseline and CP and Blake’s logos are in the paint between the basket and free throw line.

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A three-paneled Jumbotron with each of the panels measuring 100 square feet sits more than halfway up the 75-foot climb to the rafters enclosing the space. Local high schools will get to use the court, and JB athletes can use it as a training ground, with future product testing also a possibility.

When you walk in the Jordan Hanger, #TakeFlight is etched in the cement and you walk down a mimi Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame, with every JB basketball athlete getting their own star.

Then there’s a spot where MJ’s accomplishments are etched into a white wall:

There are already two performance measurement stations set up as you walk towards the court. First there’s The Cube, a 10-foot high box with four sides housing a video screen. Players can grab the ball and test their skills against a repeating, timed series of drills performed by Chris Paul. A voice box counts down the number of repetitions to the drills, which include his jab step and the opening of his crossover. It also offers up tips for improving.

After The Cube, comes a runway on the court, with a launch and landing pad to measure a player’s jump, and the pounds of force generated upon liftoff.

There are also two locker rooms that would be the envy of any college program and even some pro teams. There’s a lounge decked out in leather chairs, couches and a 75-inch flat-screen set up for NBA 2K battles once players have tired of the same on a regulation court.

Check out video from the opening night run:

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