Video: Josh McRoberts’ Earth-Bound Dunk On Andrew Bogut

Most would find the inclusion of Josh McRoberts in this year’s Dunk Contest to be annoying. The 6-10 Bobcats forward isn’t known as a high-flyer and he’s more effective as a lefty stretch power forward — like a contemporary Caucasian Sam Perkins. But the hairdo straight from a shakedown street stroll at a Phish show, actually scored over a 30-inch vertical in the 2008 pre-draft combine. So why does it seem like his dunk over Andrew Bogut Tuesday night barely inched off the ground?

McRoberts just doesn’t seem to get that high in the air on this play; the dunk over Bogut seems more about his 7-1 wingspan than any sort of vertical.

Still, it’s an impressive play for the White Shadow, even if he looks like a college weed dealer.

The Bobcats won 91-75 Tuesday night with some great defense on the Splash Brothers, plus 30 points and 13 rebounds from Big Al Jefferson.

Is McRoberts jumper higher and we’re just not seeing it?

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