Video: Kevin Durant Scores 41 & Hits The Game-Winner

You could see this one coming with a couple minutes left in the game. The Hawks played the Thunder close tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena, and with two minutes remaining, you knew Kevin Durant was going to hit the game-winner. It doesn’t take a soothsayer to be clairvoyant when it comes to KD. The man is in video game mode every night now, and it’s about time we DVR’d every Thunder game from here on out.

Maybe ‘Melo shook up the NBA by dropping 62 this weekend, but Durant has been shaking the league’s foundations every time the Thunder have played in 2014. He dropped 13 of his game-high 41 points on the Hawks in the fourth quarter Monday night. The last two came in the waning seconds of the game with the score tied at 109.

The Hawks smartly decided to double from the opposite side of the court, so they didn’t leave the short corner three open, but Durant just drove away from that oncoming double and pulled up before the third Hawk could get to him. His slinky jumper fell through, as we all knew it would, and the Hawks turned it over in the final 1.5 seconds remaining.

Kevin Durant is playing basketball on a different plane than everyone else right now, and that includes LeBron James.

Speaking of the NBA’s reigning MVP And NBA Finals MVP, the Thunder travel to Miami to take on the 2-time defending champs on ESPN this Wednesday night. The media will probably focus more on Nick Collison and Michael Beasley before Wednesday’s big game, but we just want to remind people that Durant and LeBron are also playing.

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