Video: Knicks Stage Kiss Cam Betrayal As Ignored Woman Kisses Another Man

We don’t ever attend Knicks or Nets games despite being headquartered in New York. Yes, we’re probably shirking our journalistic duties, and basketball is always better in-person, but we just can’t cover all the delicious NBA action when we’re covering a single game live. It’s almost a relief too because New York team’s (the Knicks and Nets) have dropped their last 21 games. Perhaps that’s why the Knicks planted a parodic two-timing scene on their kiss cam late last week.

Like we said, the Knicks and Nets stink:

So perhaps that’s why the MSG faithful got a first-hand glance at an unfaithful fling on the kiss cam.

By way of Pro Basketball Talk comes the below scene. A woman and her beau show up on the kiss cam, but the man ignores the gesticulations of his lady for the respite of his phone — we know SO MANY PEOPLE who would do this for real. After the man ignores her, the lady in question turns to the guy on the other side of her and smooches away:

Obviously, it’s about as staged as James Dolan opening for a Bruce Springsteen show at MSG, but for any kiss cam aficionados, it’s pure gold. This is the apogee for Knicks fans, unfortunately.


Funny, or just another reason to malign the Knicks?

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