GIF: Kyle Lowry Lob To DeMar DeRozan In Record-Breaking Triple-Double

11.08.14 4 years ago
Andre Miller, Kyle Lowry

Andre Miller, Kyle Lowry (Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports)

While it was backup Wiz point guard Andre Miller who suffered the ignominy after Kyle Lowry‘s crossover behind the screen, starting Wiz point John Wall permitted Lowry to rack up a triple-double, a record fourth while a member of the Raptors in what was a thoroughly dominating all-around game by the recently signed full-time Raps point.

We love Lowry, so lets take one more gander at the move that made Andre look his age:

While Lowry only connected on two more of the identical number of field goal attempts — 13 — as Wall, he also added 10 dimes and 11 rebounds for his record fourth triple-double with the Raptors. In 47 fewer games than the 200 games Damon Stoudamire, aka “Mighty Mouse,” started for the Raptors during two-plus seasons including his NBA Rookie of the Year 1995-96 campaign, Lowry has now recorded one more triple-double (4) than Stoudamire (3).

It helps having a player like DeMar DeRozan to share duties with in the backcourt and catch pretty back-door lobs like this one:

Lowry is the hard-nosed defender, all-around player Raptors fans have wanted since Jose Calderon got old. DeRozan is the gunner, who can take over a game with his athleticism and shot-making ability. Combined, they form one of the most lethal backcourts in the NBA, but we doubt you’ll ever catch them engaged in the back-and-forth about such a distinction.

Wall, on the other hand, was just 3-of-13 in a little over 30 minutes of action with just seven assists and three rebounds in the 103-84 Raptors win at home.

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