Video: LeBron James Introduces Jay-Z To Norris Cole

04.17.12 7 years ago

Miami’s Norris Cole has been one of my favorite rookies to watch all season, all because the Cleveland State point guard plays with an absence of fear. His confidence walks a fine line between making him look unbeatable to making him look untrustworthy.

As a Cole fan, though, you enter into an unspoken agreement with the rookie that you know he’s going to barrel into a play with just as much confidence as before, mistake or not. It’s part of the fun/trepidation.

I think that’s why when LeBron James introduced Jay-Z to Cole after Monday’s game, I couldn’t stop watching. LeBron — after scoring 17-straight points (of his 35) and getting Miami to a win after trailing for 47 minutes to the Nets — saved his most memorable assist for last. Instead of a no-fear rook, Cole looked like a sheepish kid having his biggest wish come true. After James made a big show at halfcourt of calling the rook down to the minority owner’s courtside seat, the two exchanged some quick words (Did he pitch a business plan? Suggest a title for a Watch The Throne follow-up? Ask Jigga Man to follow him on Twitter?) I’m not saying I’d be any different meeting Hov, but you know Cole was obviously jacked.

Upon seeing this, I can only assume players preparing for the NBA Draft made a quick wish that they be drafted by Miami.

What did Cole tell Jay-Z?

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