Video: London’s Midnight Madness Puts On A Dunk Contest Show

Saturday night’s Midnight Madness event in London brought Europe’s best unknown players together for a 13th straight year, but Haneef Munir, aka Young Hollywood, and Dmitry “Smoove” Krivenko sent them home buzzing because of their dueling dunk contest show. Putting your head at the rim when you’re 5-10 has a way of doing that. While you were out enjoying the last rays of summer, check out the show they were putting on in Easton London.

Per Hoopsfix, the other guys you’ll see throughout are Russia’s Alexander Shalygin and the UK’s Benji Lawmann and Nathan Schall. The most audible gasps, however, easily come when Hollywood, who with Krivenko has been a member of Team Flight Brothers, gets his head at or above the rim a couple of times. Around the 2:10 mark look out for Krivenko’s over-the-head, between-the-legs answer.

H/t Hoopsfix

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