Video: I Love Basketball TV Shows You How To Shoot With Range Like Steph Curry

Have you ever wondered how Stephen Curry — all 6-3, 180 pounds of him — is able to generate enough force on his jump shot for almost limitless range? Wonder no longer. Coach Rocky with I Love Basketball TV is here to help you improve the scope on your jumper with a basic drill where you keep upping the ante until you find your own limit — then push beyond.

The drill is basic. You start out in front of the rim and then slowly move backward until you find the very end of the boundary where your jumper turns to mush and your shot falls awkwardly short or errant.

Rocky has some deep range. He keeps nailing shots until he’s at the mid-court line.

This one is a couple steps beyond the three-point line…

His next one is even further, and it’s about at the limit of Rocky’s range.

That’s why this shot — from mid-court — gets nothing but air.

As Rocky says in the closing, once you find your limit, lift weights, practice and you can extend it beyond that imaginary line. No guarantees you’ll be shooting like Steph, but your comfort on longer shots will definitely increase:


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