Video: I Love Basketball TV Teaches You James Harden’s Hesitation Move

I Love Basketball TV‘s esteemed Coach Rocky has taught you the spin-move step-back jumper, the playground-worthy spinning fake, and how to get your shot off quick like Stephen Curry. Now, they’re going to show you the hestitation dribble from James Harden, and Harden’s little trick to draw contact once he’s in the lane.

First Coach Rocky shows you the way to hesitate on your crossover, which is more about freezing the ball and defender, than a lot of over-dribbling (though Harden can be prone to that on occasion). Still, there aren’t many players better than Harden at getting into the paint and finishing or draw the foul:

Next, Rocky brings you through some things you can do to draw the foul once you are past the first wave of the defense.


Which NBA player move do you want to learn next?

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