Video: Mark Cuban’s “Inside The NBA” Interview After Hoodie Comments

Last week, Mark Cuban spoke at a business conference in Nashville, and the Donald Sterling story was brought up. Cuban said he would hypocritically vote to force a Sterling sale, then used an unfortunate example to try and show how we all suffer from racism and bigotry. The response to his “black kid in a hoodie” illustration — mirroring the real life Trayvon Martin tragedy — was anger, and Cuban spoke about his comments with the “Inside the NBA” crew before tonight’s Game 4 in Oklahoma City.

Chuck and Cuban spoke about his diction, particularly the use of words like “bigotry,” “racism” and “prejudice,” but every member of the Inside the NBA crew asked a question of the Mavs owner. Cuban did well to elaborate on his thoughts while also apologizing to the Martin family for his self-proclaimed “regret” when he mentioned a black kid wearing a hoodie late at night as an instance when he felt fear and crossed to the other side of the street.

He said he did not regret anything else he said at the business conference.

(video via mij305)

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