Video: NBA Analyst Ric Bucher Shares His Own “4 Bar Friday” Rap

It’s Friday (TGIF), and that means #4BarFridays are back. We showed you rhymes from some of the NBA’s best verbal slingers back in September with Iman Shumpert, Paul George, C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard all spitting for the Friday freestyle competition. Late last night, former ESPN NBA analyst and recent Bleacher Report acquisition Ric Bucher uploaded his own entry for the Instagram-based freestyle competition.

For your benefit, we transcribed Bucher’s 4 bars:

“Midwestern raised, California aged / Some call me an NBA sage. / Gimme a mic, a camera, or keyboard, / I’ll tell you a story, grander than a g note.”

We think that last couplet is playing off “g chord,” which actually rhymes with “keyboard.” Buch is (probably) referencing the pun for “g-note.” It’s slang for $1000, or an actual musical note; “Grander than,” a grand, get it? Yes, we’re aware that we’ve spent a long time analyzing the diction in Buc’s rap.

Really, the word play in Bucher’s rhymes should get Wu-Tang intrigued about a possible collab. Give RZA a call!

Buc sort of ruins the whole thing by ending the video saying, “You know that’s right,” before cackling, but Lillard should look past that. We humbly request it makes it on the site at some point.

What do you think?

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