Video: New Jordan Kilganon “Scorpion” Dunk

Just when you think that you have witnessed every dunk creation possible, some athlete surfaces and blows you mind away with a new concept. That is exactly what 6-1 professional high-flyer Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon has been up to lately, as his list of original dunks continues to grow.

Kilganon’s latest rim-rocking invention – named the “Scorpion” – is simply one of the sickest dunks we have ever seen, and we think you’ll definitely agree. This dunk is so unique and innovative that it is complicated to describe, but we’ll give it a shot. After executing a double-up over a person, Kilganon snatches up the ball with his outside (right) hand, extends his right arm behind his body, and finishes with a body-twisting reverse.

Checking out the “Scorpion” setup with your own eyes, which will serve as a better justification than our attempt to explain this beauty.

Make sure you stayed tuned to the video after the stellar athlete lays down the “Scorpion,” as you get to see what else Kilganon has been conjuring up on the hardwood over the last couple of months, including throwing down a ridiculous 360-Eastbay, a mean reverse over a car and a man simultaneously, a reverse double-elbow hang, and much more to make your eyes pop.

Kilganon has some of the most thrilling and amazing hops in the world, and is changing the dunking game as we speak. We cannot wait to share what “Mission Impossible” has in store for us next, and we are sure whatever it is, it will melt our minds.

(Video via Hoopmixtape)

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