Video: Pacers Videobomb Roy Hibbert After Drubbing Denver

Pacers big man Roy Hibbert had four blocks and a double-double on Monday night as the Pacers destroyed the visiting Nuggets, 119-80. Because of his all-around game, Fox Sports Indiana’s Brooke Olzendam interviewed him on the court after the game. That’s when Lance Stephenson, Paul George and George Hill unleashed a two-part videobomb Hibbert couldn’t ignore no matter how hard he tried.

First, early in the interview, Lance Stephenson — without ever exposing his face to the camera, like a true ninja — pours water on Roy’s head. Roy pauses for a second, but then continues as if nothing happened. Hibbert alludes in his answer to how “nothing phases us, as you can see,” but it’s just a tacit mention of Stephenson’s water pour. True gangsta moves for Hibbert here to forge ahead.

Then Paul George and George Hill come from behind and mug next to Hibbert. Hibbert cracks a smile, but still keeps it together to answer Oldenzam’s questions.

But Hill is the winner on the night after giving Hibbert a wet willy, which finally ended the interview because he couldn’t keep it together any longer.

(video via Frank Den, h/t eightpointsnineseconds)

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