Video: Punches Thrown And Landed At Alabama-Auburn Women’s Game

01.23.15 4 years ago

If the Alabama-Auburn football game is the Iron Bowl, what does that make this? At last night’s game between women’s basketball teams of the Crimson Tide and Tigers, a fight broke out that included several legitimately landed punches, three ejections, and one official being shoved to the floor.

The fracas was result of Alabama’s Breanna Hayden throwing a sucker punch at Auburn’s Hasina Muhammad after the two were tangled up while battling for rebounding position following a free throw. Their fight spilled over into the Crimston Tide bench as a referee trying to separate the pair tumbled to the court:

Yikes. Here’s another shot of Hayden’s initial blow to Muhammad:


What a chin on Muhammad; that was hardly a glancing blow. We highly doubt we’d have had the capacity to throw a punch of our own just seconds later.

Both players were ejected from the game, while Bama’s Meoshonti Knight was also sent home early due to leaving her team’s bench.

Also important: the Crimson Tide beat the Tigers 51-50.

(Video via SportsWatcher)

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