Video: Russell Westbrook’s Supersonic Tomahawk Over Argentina

08.07.12 7 years ago

Russell Westbrook, to some, is part of the new breed of guards who can attack the rim like a forward but with all the handle of a point. The more I watch him in international play this summer I have to seriously consider what kind of nightmare Westbrook and Derrick Rose together would have caused because they stand apart as their own breed of guard. I know one thing: If John Stockton — unquestionably the best “conventional” point of all time (Magic gets his own category) — made highlights like this in Barcelona he wouldn’t have been invisible in the 1992 crowds.

Westbrook didn’t just do a powerful slam on Argentina in pool play action on Monday in London; he did it at what seemed to be an impossibly fast speed for how short his run-up was. The defender had zero time to correct his positioning mistake. Just look at Anthony Davis‘ wide eyes to see how impressive it was.

What do you think?

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